Electrical Power Supply System

Mobile substation & switch cabinet - primary equipments of mobile power supply & distribution system are specially designed and manufactured for supplying power for large mobile equipments like electrical shovel, drilling machine and pump in large open pit mines.
Mobile substation can be divided into two basic types: steel skid type and trailer type. Standard mobile substation composed of three parts: high voltage input, transformer, low voltage output.

Features of Mobile Substation

  • Skid or trailer mounted, convenient for transportation and movement
  • Modular structure, easy for disassembly, movement and assembly on site
  • Safe, reliable and multi-lock out operation mechanism ensures personal and equipments safety
  • Most advanced micro-computer protection module and digital display gauge, fault auto-logging and audio & visual alarm are equipped in the system
  • Suitable for rough terrain conditions
  • Capacity : 5MVA—25MVA

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