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Application:Tire manipulator is mainly used for dismount, installation, transportation and stacking of tires from mining equipments.

Spec. TMH35 TMH30 TMH20 TMH10 TMH5
Max. Capability 35000lbs (15876kg) 30000lbs (13610kg) 20000lbs (9072kg) 10000lbs (4500kg) 5000lbs (2250kg)
Tire Model 70/70R63 57/80R63 55/80-R57 45/65-51 35/65-33
Open/Close Span 39.5"-183" (1.19-4.37m) 39"-172" (1.00-4.37) 47"-160" (1.19-4.06m) 24" -136" (61-3.45m) 27" -107.5" (68-273cm)
Main Body Rotation 75° 75° 75° 75° 90°
Tire Clamp 360° 180°Cylinder 360°Worm 180°Cylinder 360°Worm 360°WormDrive 120°
Tire Manipulator Weight 19,000lbs.(8635kg) 18,000lbs (8165kg) 8,500lbs.(3855kg) 4,850lbs.(2177kg) 2,950lbs.(1338kg)
Required Hydraulic 60GPM, 3000psi 30GPM 3000psi 30GPM 3000psi 15-25GPM, 3000psi 15-25GPM 3000psi

According to different application, tire manipulator can be mounted on forklift or wheel loader

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