Specialized Tools and Maintenance Equipment

Undercarriage service equipments provide a complete solution for dozer track service. Combined dismounting, service, assembly function for professional track service with irreplaceable position for the industry. The solution is composed of following equipments:
I. Track Press: has the high force and rock-solid components needed to work on the largest bulldozer and excavator tracks day after day. High ram speeds, adjustable ram force and hydraulic track hold-down clamp assure safe, rapid track disassembly and reassembly.
Technical Specifications 385 Track Press
1. Pressing force 385/350M Tons
2. Ram speed –approach- pressing – return 2.8m/min – 0.4m/min – 2.0m/min (50 cycle)
3. Piston diameter 14inches (356mm)
4. Stroke 11inches (279mm)
Hydraulic System
1. Fluid Capacity 100 gallons (378 liters)
2. Pressure at Full Ram Force 5,000 psi (345 bar)
3. Maximum Flow Rate 32.5 gpm (122 lpm)
High Flow Option
Ram speed –approach- pressing – return 4.3m/min – 0.4m/min – 3.4m/min (50 cycle)
1. Main motor 30Hp
2. Standard Voltages 3 phases / 50 or 60Hz / 208-460V
II.Torque Wrench :for dismounting bolts connecting track & track plate

Model 10000 Electrical torque wrench

  • Maximum Torque Rating: 8,000lb-ft (11,000nm)
  • Maximum Spindle Speed: 422 RPM
  • 4.48KW Drive Motor
  • Operator Controls: Pistol grip and HMI digital display
  • Hydraulic Down Force: 1,500lbf (6,670N)
  • Socket Drive: 1 ½” (38.1mm) Square Drive
III. Roller and Idler Welder:Advanced effective mechanical equipments for roller & idler repair

  • Dual welding torches
  • Welded wheel max width & diameter:
    50in/weight: 2000 lbs.
  • Machine weight 7300 lbs
  • Welding power: 600A×2
  • Wire Capacity: Two 300, 600 or 1000 lb Barrels
IV. Grouser Welder


  • Maximum Pad Width40in(1.02m)
  • Welding Torch1 x 1000 Amps
  • Standard Wire Spool Size-Weight:120lb (54kg)
  • Inside Diameter6 in to 28 in
  • Optional Wire Barrel Size-Weight:1,200 lb ( 540kg)
  • Outside Diameter:4 in (628mm)
  • Air Hoist Capacity: 500 lb (225kg)


  • Electrical Supply:77kW
  • Standard Voltages:Three Phase 208V, 230V, 460V/60Hz; 220V, 385V, 415V/50Hz
V. Seal Tester and Lubricator
    Seal Tester and Lubricator can test seal crack and change track lubricant.

  • Power source: Pressurized air supply
  • Max. operation oil pressure: 65PSI
  • Oil tank volume: 10 gallon
  • Mounted on cart
  • Oil tube: 10ft
  • Pressure gauge

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